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Scarebird Classic Brakes was created to offer disc brake replacement alternatives for cars that originally came with drum brakes. Today, sourcing parts can be difficult as many drums are simply not made any more. Scarebird offers brackets that allow you to replace the drum brakes on your hot rod, muscle car or daily driver with a modern disc brake caliper and rotor.

We specify a rotor and caliper you can source from your local auto parts store, so finding replacement parts is easy. And we almost always specify a combination that fits under your factory OEM wheel.

Our goal is to offer the specialty parts (brackets, bearing spacers etc.) that make the new disc brakes possible to bolt on to your car. In some cases, you will re-use some of your drum brake components, such as the wheel hub and these may require machining to fit. This is normally easily accomplished by your local automotive machine shop.

Scarebird Classic Brakes

John Pasemann, Owner

John purchased Scarebird to add to the product mix of classic hot rod / musclecar products we currently manufacture in Graham NC.

John also owns USCT Motorsports, the manufacturer of the US Car Tool brand of Chassis Stiffening, Engine swap and Restoration tools.